What are the Latest iPhone Mobile App Development Trends in 2021?

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    As an iPhone app developer, you must know that most iPhone users are high-quality people of a society, which is why your responsibility towards developing something as per their standard is quite challenging. However, if you are aware of the latest iPhone mobile app development trends in 2021, then you can craft something incredible, which will rule the market for a long time. 

    There is a tremendous amount of competition in the world of mobile apps. To stay on top, a mobile app development company has to craft something unique, which is not only user-friendly but also modern-feature rich. 

    Due to the immense demand for Apple devices, the more iOS app development services are in demand the more confusing it is getting for experienced developers to know the expectations of modern users. So, to create highly effective, scalable mobile apps with impressive functions, you must know the current trends in iPhone mobile app development. 

    Having taken your concern and need into account, we have prepared a list of 5 modern trends in iPhone mobile application development in 2021

    5 latest iPhone mobile app development trends in 2021: 

    1. Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things or IoT is the finest example of the modern world. It has the capability of connecting all the devices into one ecosystem, which makes information sharing among them possible. By means of your mobile apps, you can have access to household appliances, and all the credit for such comfort goes to IoT technology.  

    It is estimated that by 2025, 30.9 billion devices will be connected to IoT. Such stats compel an iOS app developer to pay more attention to those apps that can be easily compatible with the new IoT technology. 

    Apart from making life more comfortable by connecting to home appliances, IoT is also prepared to rule in the healthcare industry by making its place in virtual healthcare devices to stop the spread of deadly COVID-19. 

    2. Mobile Wallets 

    Mobile wallets are one of the latest iPhone mobile app development trends, thanks to the E-commerce industry. It is estimated that user penetration in E-commerce will increase by 63.1% by 2025. 

    Furthermore, some experts also believe that by 2022, the sum of transactions by means of E-commerce will be $1398 billion. Due to advancement in the world of a digital wallet, many people use mobile apps to pay for the products or services taken, and iPhone app developers are toiling themselves to give such users a more comfortable, safer, and easier method to do so in the form of an iPhone application and the finest example for this point is Apple Pay. 

    Having taken such examples and figures into account, we find the demand for an iPhone app with a digital wallet is on the rise in 2021. So, you should prepare yourself to build one before your competitors. 

    3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

    AR and VR are considered to be the most demanded technologies in iOS mobile app development. They are highly considered by developers due to being the latest iPhone mobile application development trends in 2021. 

    They make the virtual world as if it is the real one. At first, they grabbed the attention of people by being included in entertaining apps like Pokemon Go, but slowly they made their way to the medical, educational, real estate, video game, and other industries. 

    AR and VR come with the technology that can make a user feel as if they are swimming in a deep swimming pool, kids feel as if they are driving a car on a real road. 

    Let’s take an example of Google, which added Augmented Reality to its Google Maps with the ‘True View’. It makes it possible for a user to find out exactly where a person is by means of the device camera pointing towards the closest buildings. Many experts say that in 2021, both AR and VR are going to be integrated into iOS mobile applications for better customer engagement and user experience. 

    4. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

    The magic of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing users with better, advanced, customer-engaging, powerful, and efficient mobile applications. Innumerable iOS developers are working very hard with ML through the Core ML framework. It can easily be integrated into an application to initiate machine training and make further predictions to make the customer experience much better. 

    Core ML is able to do many tasks through many algorithms, so you can decide what you need and then implement this technology according to the need. Some of the features having AI technology in mobile app development are text or image classification, face and speech recognition, and so on. So, AI technology is one of the latest iPhone mobile app development trends, which will last much longer in the coming years. 

    5. Wearable Applications 

    Wearable apps are on everyone’s lips these days. Such apps are crafted for such devices as smartwatches, trackers, fitness bands, and other gadgets well known for showing oxygen rate, heartbeat rate, blood pressure, and how many steps taken in one day. 

    Let’s take the example of the Apple Watch 5 to understand it much better. It can make electrocardiograms or identify a panic condition simply by measuring the pulse. In 2019, Apple announced Apple Watch 6 integration with Apple App Store, which means more and more iOS apps will offer more new features and abilities to users. 

    And, now the demand for smart rings is gaining momentum due to having features like car locking or panic buttons. Wearable apps deserve to be included in iOS mobile app development trends because they are considered to be very helpful in healthcare, especially to deal with COVID-19. 


    Here, We told you about the latest iPhone mobile app development trends in 2021. The latest trends in iPhone mobile app development are wearable applications, AR and VR, artificial intelligence, and so on.


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