What are the Latest Android Mobile App Development Trends in 2021?

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    To survive in the world of Android app development world competition, you must know the latest Android mobile application development trends in 2021. Without this, you won’t be able to grasp the requirements and expectations of modern times. 

    As you know that most smartphone users are Android phone users, which means you can reach a wider range of audiences, on the other hand, the competition is quite tough. 

    It doesn’t matter how skilled you are in developing Android applications, if you don’t follow these trends, then you are sowing the seeds for the failure of your app, thus the failure of your business, as your app is the voice of your business. 

    So, don’t take the points listed below lightly because unless you know the latest trends in Android app development, you won’t be able to match the pace and demand of the current time. Therefore, give it your undivided attention. 

    Top 5 Latest Trends in Android Mobile Application Development: 

    1. 5G Technology 

    If we make a comparison between 4G networks to 5G ones, then we will find that the latter comes with more speed and better performance, which compels everyone to take it more seriously, thus it has become the most desirable technology in 2021. 

    It has a speed of 100 GBPS, which means it will play a huge role in the world of data transmission, resulting in better performing and appealing feature-rich mobile applications to take a business to a sky-high position. 

    2. Google Assistant/Chatbots 

    The demand for chatbots is getting bigger and bigger. They are the finest way for a business to interact with their customers and sort out their issues. Businesses like food delivery and eCommerce are giving this technology a warm welcome. 

    When customers find themselves in touch with a soothing and helpful voice that solves their problem in a sweet tone, then they feel delighted and sense a touch of modern technology. By means of chatbot technology, a mobile app is able to interact with its customers in a helpful way. 

    The businesses that demand high chatbots services are food delivery services, online shopping, and transportation services. 

    3. Machine Learning 

    The deadly combination of artificial intelligence technology features with Android app development is gearing to rule 2021. This technology makes it possible for a mobile app to perform jaw-dropping roles like land recognition, barcode scanning, image labeling, text recognition, and face recognition. 

    It will shockingly surprise smartphone users in a positive way when they find an excellent user experience that simplifies their work and makes their life more comfortable and give them more time to think about other promising ideas for the growth of their business. 

    4. AR and VR Technology 

    Most Android app developers are familiar with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies that are the top Android mobile app trends in 2021. Let’s take an example of the Google platform ARcore, which has been creating augmented reality experiences for the platform since 2018. 

    AR and VR technologies help mobile app developers to take their customer experience level to a sky-high position. This point deserves an example to be much clearer: 

    IKEA launched its Place application that makes it possible for a consumer to see whether the furniture they are going to buy fits in their homes or not. Google Maps comes with an AR upgrade, which is very helpful in navigating around a city by putting a virtual map over the real street views. 

    It is estimated that more and more companies will adopt VR and ARj technologies to help their customers in such an impressive and modern way. An industry like tourism and travel, education, entertainment, real estate, retail, and E-commerce heavily rely on these two technologies to take their business to the next level. 

    5. Blockchain 

    Blockchain technology is on everyone’s lips due to its magical role in mobile apps in terms of security and advancement. It is estimated that the blockchain mobile application industry will make a giant leap to USD 20 million by 2024. 

    It is because if users that their private and confidential information on a mobile app is safe, then they are more inclined to buy it.


    In this article, We told you about the latest Android mobile app development trends in 2021. The top Android mobile application development trends in 2021 are Blockchain, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Machine learning, and so on.


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